The Design by R.S. Grey

Description : The Design
Five Years Earlier

Grayson watched the lights dance above his head. Neon blue, green, pink. He was two drinks past sober and the club’s lights were starting to be more interesting than the dancers below.

Brooklyn took a seat beside him and he nudged her with his shoulder.

“How ya holding up, champ?” he asked, eyeing the young pop star as if she were about to pass out on the spot.

Everyone else had deserted them for the dance floor a few minutes earlier, so he hoped she’d speak the truth for once.

“Fine,” she said.

He nudged her again, a little harder this time.

“I’m really worried about my sister,” she said, hiding her face against her shoulder.

Before Grayson spoke, he surveyed the crowd around them. They were the young Hollywood type: sons and daughters of media moguls. The most they had to worry about in a day was whether they wanted their $8 coffee with or without an extra shot of espresso. Not Brooklyn.

After she lost her parents at eighteen, she’d be the sole guardian of her little sister, Cammie. It was obvious that she felt the weight of that burden every day, even though it’d been nearly ten years since their death.

“What’s wrong with her?” Grayson asked. The few times he’d been around Brooklyn’s little sister he’d seen a wild streak lurking beneath the surface. She was beautiful and sharp; there was no denying it. Something about her had Grayson enamored from the very start—a fact he tried to deny every time she slipped into his thoughts.

“I have a lot of people supporting me—my managers, my assistants, and my friends—but it seems like Cammie has no one. She ditched her old friends one by one after our parents’ accident...
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