The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride by Marie Kelly

Description : The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride
The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride


Marie Kelly

Chapter One

Grace had looked around the pool area, the crystal waters shimmering in the heat of the Grecian summer. Sighing, she had once more wondered what she was doing there, why she was amongst the ‘chosen five’. Flicking her look to the man seated amongst the other ‘four’ she had grimaced. Tall, with stunning good looks and a body that any woman could dream of forever, Alexos Manetas enjoyed the giggling flirtatious attention of the women, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses, an almost bored smile sitting his handsome face.

“Grace” the word hissed out as she had turned her head to look at the older woman beside her.

“Would it have killed you to put on a bikini……just for this once?”

Scowling, she had looked into the distance, her voice a mask of indifference hiding the irritation of her mother’s words.

“Please mother…do you really think that he is going to take one inch of interest in me? Look at him - he is enjoying his harem over there”

With a cluck of her tongue the woman had glared down at her daughter “You are every bit as lovely as they are”

Grace made a ‘humph’ sound as she had once more regarded them. When they had arrived the previous day, she had tried to make conversation with a few of the other women, quickly realising that there was not much by way of thoughts in their heads, they solely interested in shopping and how their...
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