Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Description : Princess of Glass
Perfect,” the Corley said, lips stretched wide in a smile. She took a shallow pan of molten glass and set it in the air over her head. “Yes, everything will be perfect this time.”

She tilted the pan just a little, and the syrupy stuff slithered out in a green sheet. It flowed, pale and smooth, into a basin, and showed the Corley a young girl with blue eyes and black hair under a little white cap. She was ironing a muslin gown, a grim expression on her face.

“She is beautiful,” pronounced the witch. “And clever. But almost … obsessed with her loss. Perfect. She wille to me with open arms, the lovely. And now for her prince.”

She tipped the pan a little, pouring out more liquid glass, and there he was. A tall youth with pale gold hair and deep blue eyes, riding a showy gray horse down a city street. All around him, women stopped to sigh but he rode on, oblivious.

“Handsome, yet blind to his own appeal and so much more,” the Corley purred. “And it was so easy to bring him here.”

The thick green liquid flickered and another face appeared. Black hair framed a face with porcelain skin and large violet eyes. The young girl’s beauty was only marred by the frown she wore.

Curious, the Corley watched as the frowning girl was kissed and hugged by a whole herd of other young ladies, clearly all sisters. Last of all two tall young men embraced her. One of the young men handed over a bag that appeared to be full of balls of yarn with a pair of sharp knitting needles sticking out of the top. The girl finally laughed, and the other young man helped her into a carriage.

“What’s this, what’s this?” The Corley clucked her tongue when the steam failed to show her any more. “Another oneing? Ah, me! Can nothing...
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