Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

Description : Extreme Exposure
KARA MCMILLAN was going to kill her best friend. It was Holly’s fault Kara stood alone, margarita in hand, in Denver’s skankiest meat market, wishing she were invisible. Holly had brought her here—and then deserted her.

This time Holly had gone too far.

“Just go up to a guy who turns you on and start talking,” Holly had said before she’d disappeared into the crowd. “Make it clear you want to get laid, and you’ll find yourself on your back in no time.”

On her back.

Kara hadn’t been on her back for five long years—not since she’d learned she was pregnant with Connor—and the thought of ending the evening with her legs wrapped around some strong, sexy man while he drove himself into her, hot and hard, was almost enough to make her moan out loud.

But she was nothing if not a realist. She’d never hooked up with a man in a bar before, and there was no way she was going to meet anyone worthwhile tonight, no matter what Holly said. Why had she let Holly talk her into this? Was she truly that desperate?

Kara pressed herself farther back against the wall and took a sip of her drink just to have something to do. She stood next to an enormous potted fern not far from the entrance. The fern’s lacy fronds made her feel somewhat sheltered but allowed her a view of both the bar to her right and the restaurant to her left.

The Rio del Sol, or The Rio as locals called it, was a spawning ground. The air was heavy with pheromones, the bar so crowded it was impossible to walk anywhere without brushing up against someone. Music pumped from overhead speakers but was drowned out by shouted conversation until the bass tones were nothing but a throb against the soles of her feet like a heartbeat, or the pulsing rhythm of...
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