Damian by Jessica Wood

Description : Damian
“The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love.”

Jean de la Bruyere


I WAS WIPING DOWN THE bar when a group of girls walked in.

5.5, 7, 6, I thought to myself as I automatically rated each of them in my head and surveyed them from head to toe.

It was a force of habit for me, like second nature. And in all honesty, this was true for most guys. If any guy said that he didn’t mentally rate a girl when he first saw her, he’d be a fucking liar.

Or gay.

It was a male reflex, something instinctively done without much thought—much like breathing.

The three girls headed over to the bar and sat down right in front of me.

“Hey, girls. What can I get you?” I gave them a dazzling, wicked smile. I usually received the most tips from groups of girls, so I always made it a point to throw on the charm with them.

They all gave me—what they believed to be—their most seductive smiles. 5.5 and 7 proceeded to play with their hair while 6 bit her lip. I knew they were each hoping to stand out a little more so than their friends. I saw the way their eyes slowly moved from my eyes to my face to my body, as if their eyes were their fingers and lips, taking their sweet time as they took me all in, inch by inch.

And if truth be told, I enjoyed the attention. I mean, what was not to enjoy?

“Hi there,” said 7 as her lips curled into a fuck-me-now smile. “Let me guess, you’re Damian, right?” 5.5 and 6 giggled.

I could smell the sweet, floral scent of 7’s perfume as she leaned up against the bar, letting her loose, blond waves fall forward toward me as she positioned herself so that her cleavage was spilling out over the bar table.

My eyes lingered...
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