Billionaire Extraordinaire by Leanne Banks

Description : Billionaire Extraordinaire
All she had to do was fake it.

All she had to do was act as if her insides matched the calm,petent, loyal, efficient and discreet surface she worked hard to maintain. Emma Weatherfield had been faking it since she was six years old. This should be no different.

At 6:45 a.m., the door to the corner office suite at Megalos-De Luca Enterprises opened and in walked a tall man with black hair and black eyes that seemed to sear her with appraisal.

Emma’s stomach clenched. She hadn’t expected him until later. She felt goose bumps rise to the surface of the skin on her arms as she stood to greet the man. She’d been told he looked like a handsome version of Satan and she couldn’t disagree. She didn’t see a millimeter of pity or softness in his hard face or hard body. The scar on his cheek only punctuated his ruthless reputation.

Her pulse raced, but she ignored her reaction. “Mr. Medici,” she said.

“Emma Weatherfield,” he said and extended his hand to hers.

She hesitated a beat before taking it. After all, he was here to take thepany that had provided the only stability she’d experienced in her life and rip it to shreds. Despite protests from Megalos-De Luca’s top management, the current chairman of the board, James Oldham, had insisted on hiring an outside firm to conduct a reorganization. Damien Medici had made his fortune eliminating jobs.

She had a job to do, she reminded herself, and slid her hand inside his warm, strong palm. He squeezed her hand with just the right pressure and held her gaze as she noticed the texture of his skin. The calluses on his palm surprised her. He was president of his ownpany; there was no need for him to perform any sort of manual labor.

She would learn the answer to that question. She would learn the answers...
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