Bedded by the Billionaire by Leanne Banks

Description : Bedded by the Billionaire
“I understand you’re pregnant with my brother’s child.”

Lilli McCall instinctively put her hand over her swollen belly and studied Maximillian De Luca. She’d reluctantly allowed him and his associate into her small suburban Las Vegas apartment. Heaven knew, she’d had several unwee visitors since Tony De Luca had died two weeks ago.

She’d spotted the family resemblance between Tony and Max through the peephole of her door—the natural tannedplexion, similar bone structure. Only this man wasn’t as pretty as Tony. Tony had been full of easy smiles and charm, and ultimately lies. This man’s face was so hard she wondered if it would break into pieces if he smiled.

Tony had told her about his brother, Max. He’d frequentlyplained that his brother was cutthroat, even with his own family. He’d called him the man of steel, a steel mind and a steel heart.

Lilli had detached herself from Tony for good reasons. She wanted nothing to do with him, his friends or his family.

“Miss McCall?” Max prompted.

Taking a quick breath, she gave a slow nod, willing herself not to be intimidated by the tall man. “Yes, we got involved after my mother died, but things didn’t work out between us,” she said in a voice she knew was stilted, but she couldn’t smooth it for the life of her.

“The details aren’t necessary. As you know, my brother died in an automobile accident. He had no will and no provision for children, so—”

“I didn’t expect anything from him,” she interjected.

He paused, his gaze flickering over her in a considering way again. “Really,” he said in a doubtful voice.

His tone jabbed at her. “Really,” she said. “Tony...
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