A Reason to Kill by C.P. Smith

Description : A Reason to Kill
Love, crystal and pure cannot be thwarted.

Only stalled until its wings take flight and soar.

“So, you’re finally gettin' married, Jack.”

“Yep, Jenn’s the best fuckin’ thing that’s happened to me, Max. You know, if you’d stop fuckin’ around you could have this too.”

“Right, I’ve got lumber yards waitin’ on fuckin’ trees and a town that depends on my filling those orders. I don’t have time for love, Jack.”

“There aren’t many women out there can put up with men like us. You find one, whether you got time or not, don’t let her get away, Max. Trust me, I know.”

“Spoken like a true Gunnison. You saw, you claimed, and you conquered.”

“Fuck, no. I saw, I told her, and now I’m marryin’ her. The conquering was just the fun part.”

“Right, take no prisoners and keep them smiling all the way to the altar,” Max chuckled.

“Now you’re gettin’ it,” Jack laughed.

“All right, Jack, give my love to Jenn and remember, if you don’t treat her right, I’lle down from Alaska and steal her from you.”

“You find the right woman, Max, you’ll know that’s impossible to do.”

“What? Treat her wrong?”

“No, Max, cause her a moment of pain.”


I’m going where?

Bright blue velvety skies, dotted with billowing clouds of white, were outside my window, but I couldn’t look. I’m sure it was lovely, maybe even the bluest God had created, but I was too busy praying while holding on tightly to the seat rests of this incredibly small plane to look. This flying tin can was taking me...
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