A Million Guilty Pleasures by C.L. Parker

Description : A Million Guilty Pleasures
I am a man who paid for sex. Not that I needed to, mind you, but it was the only way to be sure I wouldn’t get fucked. Well, getting fucked was kind of the point, just not the one I was trying to make. Bottom line: I paid an insane amount of money, two million dollars to be exact, to own a woman for two years. She was a virgin, and well worth the trade, but then I did the unthinkable.

I fell in love with her.

To make matters worse, I found out the truth behind why she put her body up for sale in the first place. She did it to save a life. I had purchased her to get laid. Clearly, I was the ass in the equation, but I was going to make it up to her or die trying.

My name is Noah Crawford, and this is the continuation of my story.

1: Jinx


Walking away from Delaine Talbot was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do in my life. And that was saying a lot considering I’d been responsible for the death of my parents and had subsequently inherited a multibillion-dollar corporation, Scarlet Lotus, which I ran alongside my mortal enemy, David Stone.

David had once been my best friend until I’de home from a business trip to find him fucking my girl, Julie, in my bathtub. Needless to say, Julie was no longer my girl. A pariah, yes, but my girl, no. All of those events had inadvertently led me to Lanie. I still wasn’t sure if I should be bitter or happy about that fact.

I’d heard about an underground organization that procured women to auction off to the highest bidder. It was all very illegal, of course, as human trafficking—voluntary or not—should be. However, these women agreed to be the property of the winner in whatever manner they required. I might not have trusted women after the Julie/David debacle, but I was a man, and I had needs like every other...
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